Camping addiction: semi-serious investigation of an insidious addiction.

Looking at our lifestyles, we have identified some significant symptoms and we finally came to the conclusion that you too could be camping addicted if:
– each time you have guests at home, in the absence of a sofa bed, you put ready for use a wide variety of air mattresses of different sizes and an unspecified quantity of sleeping bags covering a temperature range from – 20 to 40 degrees;
– when the bedside lamp burns out, it can take you years before replacing it;


– if your kitchen pantry still hides dried / canned food preparations in storage since the last camping vacation (or maybe even before that) becouse yes, of course, we cook also in the tent but just think at those days in which you come back later and maybe it’s raining outside;

cibo in scatola

– if you have given up definitively to put the car in the garage because of tents, mattresses, stoves, tables, chairs and sports equipment that leave a thiny passage just enough to follow it in its length;
– if you have over time developed an insane passion for everything that is compressed / stacked up / cached / hidden / and lends itself to multiple uses;

pentolame - Copia

– if you have at home a quantity of poles, rods, stakes and lanyards that…ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, let me introduce you our circus show that’s about to begin;

Circo Lucherino

– if instead of lending to a friend your campervan or your precious tent you would rather pay him a hotel room;
– if even your pets are definitely camping addicted ….

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