Camping rules


  1. Guests have to show a valid document at their arrival
  2. Visitors are not allowed to camp if they are not accepted by the management. The management has the right not to accept unwelcome visitors.
  3. The opening times of the bar/restaurant may change according to the season, but will be always published.
  4. The departure should happen between 8.00 and 12.00 and should be communicated a day before. In case of departure after 12.00 will be charged a further day. The mobile homes/caravans have to be empty at 10 o’clock on the departure day.
  5. Places will be assigned by the management. Tents, caravans and cars may not block the roads.
  6. From 13.0 to 15.00 and from 23.00 and 7.00 is strictly forbidden to make noise that could disturb the other guests. People who disturb can be immediately expelled from the camping.
  7. Campers should look after their own proprieties. The management is not responsible for loss or theft of items which have not been given in their care.
  8. It’s strictly forbidden to damage trees, plants or facilities of the campsite or dig holes on the plots for open fire. Barbecue on the plot is allowed, if it doesn’t disturb the neighbours, otherwise you are asked to move to the public barbecue place.
  9. Please use the appropriate containers for garbage, glass and paper.
  10. For washing dishes and laundry please use the appropriate wash-basins. You will find a note which basins are appropriate for dishes and for laundry.
  11. Dogs have to be kept on a leash. The owner has to clean off any droppings that may remain.
  12. Children may use camping facilities and toilettes only attended by their parents. Parents are responsible for their children.
  13. Connection to electrical lines without grounded plugs are forbidden.
  14. For any information and complain referring to the camping please apply to the management.
  15. The management must be informed about any infectious disease.
  16. Cars and campers may not be left with running engine in absence of their owner. Cars must be parked on the parking area. Parking on the plot is only allowed with permission of the management.
  17. The access and stay on the camping involves the observance and acceptance of this regulation.